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My philosophy: I am here to help you develop new, useful and good habits and also help in your discipline and necessary punishment.

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INTRODUCTION: I'm in the middle of my forties, I'm a demanding and strict disciplinarian, teacher and Mistress. I can satisfy all the spanking needs! My equipment today is unique in Hungary!

Ever since I remember, the world of discipline has been appealing to me. For a long time, I had not been able to accomplish it until I found some foreign disciplinarians and behavior modifying coaches a few years ago and I fell in love with this world.
This world is a fantastic opportunity for those who like to be spanked, like discipline and punishment and want to become a better person, achieve greater results, be more successful in life at the same time. My favorite disciplinary device is the punishment by hairbrush in OTK pose. My hand is strong so punishing with it is a great warm-up but in my opinion, a real session never misses punishing with a cane. I believe that adult men need rigor and regular discipline to make the best of them, but I also love working with women! If you are interested in this opportunity, contact me. I am here to help you develop new, useful and good habits and also help in your discipline and necessary punishment.

Mistress Olga, Tour


Behavior modifier or spanking session with a previously discussed, specific goal such as procrastination, diet, sport. The duration of a spanking session is averagely 60-90 minutes. Talking, spanking, aftercare. Spanking may cause less or more visible traces, by hand or with objects such as wand, belt or whip etc. The session if requested may include other corporal punishments such as anger, standing in corner, verbal abuse, writing sentences, mouth soaping, slaps or punishments focused on hand, sole or back.

Short-term, fast-paced, intense impact without a break. This kind of spanking almost always leads to traces and intense pain. It's 20-30 minutes long and starts with a brief conversation and then continuing with the agreed spanking tool. This spanking does not include any other corporal punishment or after-care.

I specifically recommend this kind of spanking for those who are particularly responsible and difficult to make decisions in their everyday lives, and their compliance with their workplace and / or private lives creates a heavy emotional burden.
I specifically recommend this kind of spanking for those who take much responsibility and face difficult decisions in their everyday lives and compliance with their workplace or private lives puts a heavy emotional burden on their shoulders. This spanking should be imagined as a sauna or massage or an intense sporting activity, as its impact is similar to a recreational activity. The punishment takes place in a fixed position while lying on stomach with a duration of 60 to 90 minutes, which includes a starter conversation, spanking and after-care. This session includes only corporal punishment.

A spanking fan is usually a very successful, productive, determined, and specifically result-oriented person who is often too busy to focus on his own personal goals. He neglects things like a healthy diet, adequate relaxation, doing sports regularly, organized household, car or work environment, good time management, replenishment training, work-life balance or postponing writing a book or starting a new, beneficial project for a long time, etc. If you are one of them, it is best to let a rigorous, consistent but objective party develop your lifestyle by examining your circumstances, assessing your time, skills, and needs, and then making priorities with the help of spanking sessions by creating an individual program that requires you to take practical steps. You would be able do things with the help of spanking which you couldn't do without the pain. Your only task is to consult regularly, attend the sessions and to implement the required plan.
The personalized session's duration is 90 to 120 minutes, which includes conversation, coaching, maintaining or punishing spanking, an extensive repertoire of corporal and non-corporal punishments, tasks, aftercare and regular contact. Minimum time to reach a goal is 3-4 months.

Many people face problems with their own self-confidence or destructive, harmful passion like an addiction or habit so they can't get the most out of their performance at work, college or even private life. The most common adverse passions, bad habits are pornography addiction, chronic masturbation, disturbing fetishism, alcohol or drug problems, wasting, excessive partying, smoking, eating disorders, obesity, insomnia and also depression (see Healing Spanking Therapy). Therapeutic spanking is mainly done in a medical environment - lying on a nursing bed - if necessary fixed. The usage of the tools depends on the severity of the therapy so it could be belt, wand, stick etc. The number of hits is predetermined. Every spanking is preceded by a therapeutic conversation and a condition check. Therapeutic spanking requires constant online contact and relatively frequent treatments/spankings. The minimum duration of one treatment is 3-4 months, within which a therapy lasts 90-120 minutes.

The word punishment comes from the Latin verb "punire" and means specifically corporal punishment. In the past, physical punishment was not limited to children, but it was also permissible to punish adults. In the 20th century, slippers, gym shoes and tawses and canes were frequent discipline tools in schools. In the 19th century, children had to work. The slower workers were stimulated by belt for more effective work. In English private schools, corporal punishment was applied until 1999. Physical punishment for children is now prohibited almost everywhere. However, the desire for punishment still exists so I came up with a number of scenarios for bad "children" and disobedient, undisciplined or disrespectful adults.

The principal will call you in her office soon. Take a close look at the end-of-year reports, your grades and then tells you your punishment. It looks like it will be a "six of the best" at least. So quickly lean forward and grab your ankle!

The teacher checks the homework and woe to someone who has not learned, because a wrong answer means two hits with the wand on the butt immediately and then after the oral exam is over he gets the same amount once more with a traditional belt on his bare ass!

Since your mother has always been too good and weak to you, problems have come up with your disrespectful and disobedient behavior. So now I take you to learn order, obedience and high standards. After a long time of kneeling you lie on my knees where I often use the hairbrush to punish you besides my hand and the slippers.

You are called in the office. Your stomach cramps when you knock on the door. - Get in! – you hear the answer, and you are standing in front of the heavy oak desk and you are trying to find an excuse for your procrastination and badly done tasks. You look at the chair and you know that soon you will kneel and take responsibility for all your mistakes.

The matron goes through the dormitory rooms in the evenings where the students are sleeping in their pajamas. Here and there, where she detects suspicious movements, she pulls up the blanket, then drags the victim into the penalty room and places him on her knees. She grabs the belts and the tawse. You have no chance to get away!

The court sent you the most severe and most humiliating jail to learn discipline! When you arrive, you will be thoroughly frisked then interrogated and you have to take responsibility for all your sins. The prison guard does all this with her own tools, including the Borstal strap, the Canadian prison belt, the martinet and the cane.

The doctor disrobes and then makes the arriving patient lay on the nursing bed. She begins the healing punishment soon with a stick, wand or belt. She knowsshe must be cruel with you for your own good, as this is the only way to remove the disease from you.

By the way, I’m not a lover. I’m in a relationship. My status is Coach, Mistress, so don’t call me Domina, I don’t even need humbling tone. You can call Dear Madam, My Master or Olga Mistress!

I’m not a classic domina as I don’t look for subs that I can humiliate, I look for those who like being spanked, standing in the corner so taking responsibility for committed mistakes, sins weekly or monthly. The corporal punishment serves your discipline and your development. I’m determined, purposeful and strict with you. Do you tend to be lazy? Your work performance is not satisfying or you don’t study enough? Do you procrastinate? Do you have harmful passions? Aren’t you neat enough? Is your car or home messy? Can’t you communicate properly with people? Should you keep a diet or do sports? Do you party too much? Are you an irresponsible child, partner or parent? etc. I am happy to put you in your place and punish you!


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