1. What should I pay attention to as a beginner?
You should be as honest as you are and admit that you are a beginner. In this case I will pay even more attention to you. Your imagination always bares more than you could in reality, so we have to gradually harmonize these. Don't be late for the session and do not step back even when you are scared of what will happen to you. Tell me if you have doubts and for the first time we will only talk. It is important not to masturbate for 48 hours before the session because if you masturbate to this fantasy your desire to experience it in reality may disappear.

2. What happens during my first visit?
Nothing will happen until we meet, talk about the direction of the script and I figure out how much real (not fantasy) experience you have in corporal punishment. Then we start dressed up, kneeling (unless you have any other request), and I'll spank you for a while with a few tools to see where your pain threshold is.

3. What should I bring to our first session?
What we discuss to do so. Authentic clothing in case of role playing. Spare underpants or shorts. You can bring your own towel or slippers if you need them because I can't provide that anywhere! Bring your honorarium with you and I'd be happy if you gave me a present (for example a glass of dry, good quality wine or sparkling wine). I usually provide mineral water, but you can bring a good quality chocolate for the end of the session to in case your hormone level falls to replace a little bit serotonin in your body (assuming you're not on a diet). If you are considering bleeding wounds, because you need to be punished that way, be sure to have sterile gauze, betadine and band-aid to absorb the discharge (I usually have these but obviously in limited amounts).

4. How can I call you and how will you call me?
I'll call you on your first name, or my young man, my sweet soul, son, daughter, my dear. You can call me Olga Mistress, Madam or Lady Olga.

5. Do I have to tell your my real name?
I want you to tell me your true first name and I will ask for that. During the session this is important just as trust. However, I can't and won't check if you are telling the truth. But if you lie to me and I find out, you lose my trust!

6. How old do I have to be to participate in a session?
I'm strictly over 18! It's even better if you are 21 years old or more because you're more likely to know what you really want. The upper limit should be 50 because above that in my experience it's rare to achieve any real results. Nonetheless, if the applicant's profile is correct, respects borders, is healthy, then I do not see any obstacles to meet.

7. I am homosexual. Can I come?
Of course, you can! The punishments are possible for everyone regardless sexual orientation or gender.

8. Can I come as a girl?
Yes, you can. I punish girls, too (in case of student role playing I still insist on the authentic clothing)

9. I'm transgendered. Can I come?
Yes. Spanking is gender independent.

10. Can my girlfriend / friend join the session?
It’s a matter of compromise, but in any case, it requires serious conversation and conciliation.

11. I would like to be punished in front of others. Is it possible?
This is a common fantasy. It may happen if there are any people among my guests who would join, or if more people come (in this case, I expect the honorary per person and I increase the length of the session).

12. Why is a longer talk needed for the first time?
To get to know you, let me know what your boundaries are, what your experience is in this area, and what kind of desires you have in the background. I can only take responsibility after a more serious conversation.

13. How long is the punishment itself?
A session is usually 90 minutes. Approximately 20-40 minutes at the beginning for the conversation, tuning, then approx. 30-40 minutes is the punishment itself. Then we finish with after-care and feedback.

14. Do I have to be completely naked during the punishments?
No, you don't. A normal session starts dressed and I gradually undress you or the punishment can happen in the uniform that the role playing needs. I start to punish you in your pants then in your underpants and after it a punish your bare butt.

15. Will it hurt?
Undoubtedly yes! Spanking's characteristic is that it hurts, stings. I don't spank for fun or desire so do not expect just light spanking from me. I'm doing the punishments in a mediocre or harsh way, but of course I keep in mind what we agreed on. I may finish sooner or lower the dose or skip some tools if I think you can't endure it. I don't beat up anybody against his will.

16. What if I can't endure the pain?
First time we just get to know each other. I'm putting you into test mode and I spank you with different tools so I can see your pain threshold and desires. We never start with a severe punishment until I get to know your boundaries. I'll pay attention to you and your body language. This is based on a consensus, so nothing can happen to you what you didn't know already. Especially for the first time. It's okay to moan, sigh and cry.

17. What kind of marks the spanking leaves?
This is an important question. Spanking usually leaves marks on the bottom. It depends on a lot of things. On the one hand, the type of skin and its elasticity - you can help this by constantly use lotion, and on the other hand the tools, the spanking, the strength and technique of the strokes and the number and place of repetitions. The slightest mark is erythema, it disappears after 2-4 hours. However, if you can only get erythema, don't expect a hard punishment, because these two are an impossible mission together. Really strong, tough, punitive punishments always leave marks! I'm cautious with the marks for the first time since I don't know your body. Wooden spoons, hair brushes, wooden paddles can cause bruises (white then purple, blue, green, yellow spots). Wands, rods and horsewhips can cause bleeding streaks, swellings. Much of the leather tools and belts leave bruises, red stripes, swellings.

18. How much experience do you have in spanking?
I've been doing it for years, although I have only recently made it public. I spank two to four times on an average week. I consider myself a professional who wants to further develop in this field. My goal is to make stripes of geometric precision with my eyes closed to the centre of your bottom!

19. Is there a security password?
No, there isn't in its literal sense. However, we discuss everything in advance and if I consider that because of health concerns I have to stop the session, I will do it. Obviously, this is not to be confused with whining like "I'm sorry, it's enough, I'll be good, excuse me, oh my god, i can't bear it anymore".

20. Do I have to count the strokes?
Shortly, yes. Not always. Depends on what we discussed and the type of the punishment.

21. Can i be tied or fastened during the session?
I don't like these kind of punishments, but we can still do it if it's what you want. I don't use goggles for hygiene and safety reasons.

22. Could you take a photo or video of me during the session?
I can make an image of you with your own phone and after the session - or intermittently - I can take a video. The photos or videos can't contain me.

23. Which part of my body can be punished besides my butt?
Your hands, soles and face (if you need it). I don't punish genitals.

24. Are there any additional penalties?
If you're not against is, of course! We discuss this as well when we meet each other for the first time. Standing in the corner, kneeling, mouth soaping, slaps, hand or sole punishment and writing sentences and reports are what I mostly use.

25. Do I have to stand in the corner?
I think standing in the corner is useful in many ways. Not only because of the spiritual experience and authenticity, but also as a rest for you among the punishments. Of course, if you don't want it, you can tell me and it can be left out of the repertoire.

26. Is being punished by birch possible?
Yes, but in this case, you have to bring the material to me or I have to order it and you will pay for it.

27. Do you spank with your hand or punish me with a wand, a slipper or a wooden spoon?
Yes, all of these are general. You are on my knees when I spank you with my hands, brush, wooden spoon or slippers. I also use straps, wands, horsewhips, wooden paddles. If any of the tools deter or repel you, please indicate it and then we can leave it out of the session.

28. I don't like role playing, I just want to be spanked!
It's not a problem for me.

29. What tools are available?
Basically, all conventional and modern punishing tools can be found in my repertoire. Check them out in "My tools".

30. Do you disinfect the tools after they are used?
Of course. I disinfect the equipment before and after usage (hypo, disinfectant wiping, disinfecting spray).

31. Can I bring my own punishing tools to the session?
If your tool is not damaged, not too old and is capable of punishment, you can of course bring it and I'll use it.

32. What should I wear during the session?
Depends on the situation that we are working on. My favourite is the suit with shirt and tie. You should ask this before the session.

33. What should I wear during the session?
I am interested in student, mother, boss, coach etc. role playing. It can happen after discussing it. In this case I insist on the authentic clothing.

34. What is a school uniform?
When it comes to student role playing you should wear a uniform of traditional Hungarian or Anglo-Saxon (50's, 60's) school clothing and pajamas for dormitory role playing. General requirements: Long knee socks, shorts (usually grey or green, with no back buttons), white, grey or creamy long sleeve shirts, diagonal striped ties, vest or V-cut sweaters and / or jackets, caps, or school bags.

35. Can I rent a uniform from you?
Soon you will have this opportunity. Please email me!

36. Can I wear my leather pants or other types of fetish clothing?
No. This is not about it. You can wear the accessories of the role playing for the authentic world of the punishments such as school uniforms, work suits, pajamas, sports clothing but nothing else.

37. What will you wear?
Depends on the situation. I generally wear normal street clothes and business clothing and I don't have a domina costume.

38. How does Mistress look like? Her weight, eyes, hair etc?
If this is the most important thing to you during your punishment, then I'm probably not for you. This role is not about that. I'm not a domina, I don't wear leather clothes, I have no other fetish. I don't send a photo in advance either. I'm not talking about myself, my feelings, my motives. You can read enough about me in the media.

39. My personal hygiene is not very good. Can I come?
No. Be demanding and clean!

40. Can I drink a little alcohol or do some drugs, etc. before the session to help me endure the pain?
Not at all! Your butt should burn and not your head should be hot. Responsible communication requires a sober state of mind. Otherwise I ban you.

41. Do I need to shave before the séance?
I like shaved men (not on the face and head)! I think it fits better the bad student role as well. Your armpit should be shaved to avoid bad smell and not to be undemanding. On the rest of your body I don't have a problem with neat hair. The hair on the bottom takes some of the power of the strokes when it comes to spanking. So, it makes a little bit less painful.

42. I am ill. Can I come?
If you have an acute illness - influenza, injuries, surgeries, etc. - you can't until you recover. If you have a chronic illness, we need to talk about your condition. If a session is not a problem for yourhealth, there is no obstacle to it.

43. Can I get your phone number?
No, you don't! You can keep in touch with me via email or when you are a returning guest we can talk on chat if I have the time. I reply to emails within 24 hours and I expect the same from you! More information in the contact menu.

44. How can I cancel the session?
My time is very valuable to me. I don't want you to cancel the session! If you must then do it immediately as this fact becomes clear to you! If you cancel the session for the first time then you can only come to me next time if you pay in advance. If you just don't show up without warning then I ban you and we will never meet.

45. What if I'm late?
You shouldn't be late for such an event! If you do, you should report it immediately and take note that it is your time that gets wasted when you are late. You even get extra punishments. Not worth it!

46. Do we discuss the scenario?
I am happy to see your ideas about the role playing or the problems that should be solved in your introductory e-mail. However, I don't discuss the scenario with you in advance, only on the personal meeting.

47. What if I don't give feedback after the session?
Our joint work's interest is your feedback, which I ask you to provide within 24 hours. If you don't want to give feedback but want to come to me in the future, please let me know. However, I am happy if you do this task.

48. Why can't I chat with you?
Because I'm not available to anyone for 24 hours. My time is the most valuable thing for me and I manage it well. I'll answer your e-mail within 24 hours. I offer the possibility of chatting to my returning guests and I can offer a maximum of 30 minutes of chatting before the first visit if needed.

49. Why does the session costs money?
Because it's a professional service. I'm constantly training and studying, renting apartments and traveling and I have set up professional equipment and furniture. I also buy a lot of hygiene, disinfection and first aid tools. My work doesn't only need money but a lot of time, energy and passion. The sessions are personalized. If you don't want professional punishment or you are looking for a partner, I'm not the right person for you.

50. Can I pay with something else instead of money?
No. Thanks but I don't need a gardener, a driver, a lover or other services.


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